New Medicare Changes Pushing to Make Insulin More Affordable

For many seniors, access to insulin plays a critical role in their health. More than 3.3 million Medicare beneficiaries, or a third of this group, have diabetes, which means their bodies can’t properly regulate their blood sugar. Taking the right insulin dose can assist diabetes patients in many ways. It regulates blood sugar, reduces risk of kidney failure and vision loss, and decreases incidence of foot ulcers. But for many seniors, the price of insulin is too high, and they have to choose between other essentials, like food and shelter, and getting their medicine. Now there’s some good news for these Medicare participants. The government is working to make insulin more affordable for Medi

3 Estate Planning Tips You Need to Take

The topic of estate planning can be difficult for many wrap their heads around. It’s not pleasant thinking about what will happen when you’re gone. But it is absolutely necessary to formulate a plan. Even if you have relatively modest assets, you want control of where they go. If you fail to set up a plan, distribution will be decided for you, and it may not go as you would have hoped. Writing down your wishes will make it easier for your loved ones to carry them out. You should take these three estate planning tips now. 1. Get Your Critical Documents in Order Estate planning encompasses more than just your will, though that is a key part of it. Other estate planning documents relate to heal

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