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Medicare Talk for Seniors in HArrisburg PA by Go Comprehensive
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A recent study from the American College of Financial Services found only 26 percent of people can pass a financial literacy quiz covering topics such as compound interest, IRAs, non-qualified funds, income planning and withdrawal rates. Many people lack education regarding the most important facets of their retirement. They don’t understand how changes to these programs, compounded by daily life developments, can impact retirement security.  

The growing lack of education resources coupled with the urgent need to help people avoid major financial pitfalls created the Financial Education Partnership. FEP is a nonprofit organization focused on eliminating financial illiteracy through free educational programs available to the public. FEP was created by some of the country’s most well-versed financial experts, with a combined experience of over 100 years. 

Jay got involved with FEP at the beginning of 2017. FEP had heard about Jay’s reputation for educating the public vs. selling products.  

Jay has always run his practice with his customers’ needs as his primary focus. During his presentations at local senior centers, senior living communities and churches, Jay wants to inform his audience. His consistent focus on betterment of retirement has yielded him an incredible amount of growth, which caught FEP’s attention. After going through its training program, Jay became regional director for FEP in Pennsylvania. This allows Jay to expand his knowledge base and bring creative, fun and well-designed programs to the Harrisburg, PA, area. 

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Free Workshop Topics

IRA, TSP & 401K Rollovers

>> Consolidating assets
>> IRS section 525
>> Accessing your retirement accounts for current needs
>> Saving/avoiding taxes
>> Leaving IRAs behind/stretch IRA


Taxes & the IRS

>> Where do our taxes go?
>> Do I need a tax advisor?
>> Tax avoidance
>> Tax-free savings
>> Tax-deferral vs. tax-deductible vs. tax-free
 Why you shouldn’t wait to get your refund

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Leaving Your Legacy

>> Dealing with death and estate taxes
>> Will and trusts
>> Probate and your estate
>> Choosing an executor
>> Lifetime giving exclusion
>> Unlimited marital deduction
 Tax-free inheritance

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Financial Missteps

>> Not thinking ahead
>> Neglecting debt
>> Forgetting your estate plan
>> Reckless tax management
>> Relying on the internet for advice
 Lack of an exit strategy

Analysing Data

Social Security 101

>> Understanding the basics of Social Security
>> How to optimize your benefits
>> Advantages of applying after full retirement age
>> How are your benefits calculated?

>> How cost-of-living adjustments affect your Social Security

Senior Businessman

Retirement Planning

>> How not to outlive your money
>> Running the retirement marathon
>> How taxes and inflation impact retirement
>> Exit strategies
>> RMDs
>> Stretch IRAs
 Long-term care considerations


College Planning 101

>> Misconceptions about financial aid

>> Raising money
>> Types of aid
>> Financial aid vs. funding
>> Tips and tricks
 The payoff


View More Available Workshops at FEP's Website CLICK HERE

If you want to set up a free financial workshop for your organization in Central PA, please call or email us!

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